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Easily Get Free Instagram Followers Fast and Easy


Are you in Need of Instagram Followers?

You just signed up on Instagram and found out that it’s not easy to gain instagram followers especially thousands of followers and you come here looking for solution on how to get instagram followers for free and without the use of any software that promises you to get tons of instagram followers but turned all out to be fake software. Here we will not just give you instagram followers that are bots and or no real accounts. We will make you famous for using our REAL HUMAN INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS, YES! Our followers are all human. Get up to 25,000 of instagram followers without following anyone back!

Thinking how we can make these real human instagram followers to follow you? Simply, those each account uses something called TOKEN ID those tokens are unique for each account, these tokens we acquired from Instagram server and found out we can use these for Following/Unfollownig, Liking, Commenting (beta) and bunch of certain actions. Don’t get fooled by fake websites/software offering the same exact service where you need to complete some survey just to acquire followers those are bunch of fake crap! Here we don’t ask  you to complete for a survey! Seriously, get real FREE Instagram Followers without any kind of survey. However, you might need to complete a simple human verification process which is very easy.

Get tons of Photo/Video Likes as well…

Here at InstaFastFollowers.com we will not just give you real-human instagram followers but we can deliver Likes on your photos/Videos as well, now how was that for an all-in-one instagram solution tool? We can generate up to 5,000 likes on your photos/videos uploaded each.

Quick Features:

Instant Instagram Followers

Get Instagram Followers Fast

Free Instagram Likes

Get Instagram Likes

Easily Get Free Instagram Followers

No Extra Charges

This is the fastest way to get instagram followers without a fuss! Use our system now and generate the numbers of followers choosen in less than 5 minutes. Gain up to 25,000 of Free Instagram Followers now! Get your photos/videos famous by using our Get Likes system where you can gain up to 5,000 of likes on your photo or video in just 24 hours. Now that is not as fast and getting likes though because the complex process involve. No need to pay any kind of amount of get followers or likes. Simply enter your instagram username for followers and photo/video url for likes and complete a human verification process and  you are ready to go.


Start Getting Followers Now:


Get Followers Now >

  • Just enter your Instagram Username
  • Choose how many followers you want
  • Click on “Generate”


Some Proofs You Might Want to Look at:

Of course, we wont leave you without some proofs. Here are some of the screenshots of our users before and after using our system. This works like a charm! Now do you want to get the same exact result? Use this system now before Instagram patched this trick!

Proof of InstaFastFollowers.com

Click to Enlarge

Proof of InstaFastFollowers.com

Click to Enlarge

Proof of InstaFastFollowers.com

Click to Enlarge

This user went from 310 Followers to 24,000 Followers in 3 days. Look how amazing this tool can do to your account too! A user from 3 followers has acquired 15,000 followers in just 24 hours. That was fast wasn’t it? Grab yours now! Same user started from 52 followers and after 5 days of using dripfeed features has acquired 21,000 of Instagram Followers.


There’s no hidden trick just to acquire instagram followers. All you have do to is follow instructions and you might not know those users having thousands of followers with absolute crap on their accounts are probably using InstaFastFollowers. Don’t get behind start getting your free instagram followers now!

Some FAQs

Why this is FREE? – We are on BETA stage and want to get good results as much as possible collecting data and error logs so we can make changes when we launch our website publicly very soon.

Can I get banned on Instagram? – Absolutely NOT! Unlike other services we uses browser based API and abiding the Instagram role of Followers count which is basically easy to implement.

Do I need a Software to get Instagram Followers? – Hell NO! Use our system free without the use of any suspicious software that might try to hack your account. Here we only need you instagram username, NOT Password.

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